Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skype Time

SO! Jordan got a new computer and wanted to try out her webcam... and her and Connie tried it out and lets just say Connie had some fun!

And then... came the final outcome... Connor
Then she went out partying!

"I'm a man! I'm on a bridge! I'm a man and I'm a bridge!"
"I'm a small picture! And another!!"
"Oh no! What's happening! I'm on FIYA!"

And this is where Connor ended... Oh good times!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh Connie....

Connie after midnight... How fun she is... So I (Jordan) get back from a night out, and can see that Connie has started to be her after midnight self... Which is well.. interesting to say the least. She just isn't all there! She becomes very tired and pretty much acts like a drunk person...
So I decided that I was going to have fun with this. Kiera was sitting on my right and Connie on my left, and Caitlin at the table... So I looked at Connie and pointed to just above her head and looked at Kiera and said "Do you see that? What is it?" Connie then looking at us, "What is it? There's nothing there! You're just pointing at my hair!" So this is when it gets fun!

Jordan: "I don't want to touch it, I don't know what it is!"
Connie: (Screaming) "GET IT OUTTTTT!!!" "JUST GET IT OUT!!!"
Connie: (whiny voice) "Can't you just brush or flick it a little bit?!"
Jordan: (laughing) "What?!"
Connie: (whiny voice) "Is it still there?! Is it SPI-DER?"
Jordan: "I don't know what it is!"
Kiera: "There's something in your eye too!"
Connie: (laugh/crying) "It's called TEars! AHHHGRHHHHA!"
(Everyone laughing)
Jordan: "Well It's still there!"
(Connie trying to look at herself in her phone)
Kiera: "You know, most people look down when they try to see something on top of their head."
Connie: (whiny voice) "Well if I did that I couldn't see!"
Connie: (Laughing/Crying) "There's nothing there! Can you get it!"
(Jordan smacks Connie's head)
Jordan: "There I got it!"
(Connie gets up to leave)
(Everyone busts up laughing)
Connie: "Don't laugh at my (Batman) underwear!!!!"

And off she went to bed... Not saying another word...
Who knows if she got the "spider" but needless to say next time, this WILL be recorded!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chocolate and Panties!

So this evening Jordan was out with friends and Caitlin and I (Connie) went to Walmart leaving Kiera home to take a quiz and feeling kind of left out. While at the store we decided to get Kiera a gift and this is what we brought home...

She loved it!!!!

By the way, it was this or a papaya... I think we made the right choice!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Randomness of Late Night..

So, since I (Jordan) can't seem to fall asleep this LOVELY night, I figured I would take a stab at this blog stuff. Since we have missed half the school year with the blog, I'm gonna try and fill you in the best I can! First we will start out with...

Move In Day (or Slightly Before):
In case you didn't know, Kiera happens to be dating Jordan's cousin Devin... So our story starts out with Jordan trying to figure out which apartment she will be moving into in the Fall. About 2 weeks before Jordan is getting ready to move in she gets an E-mail from the management saying... "You will be living in apartment 205". So Jordan talks to Devin, finding out that she will be living in the same apartment as Kiera, her best friend Connie and their new(er) roommate Caitlin! And this is were the fun begins!

Lets just say you have never heard more interesting table conversations from 4 girls in your life! Questions about un-chewed food to (of course) boys and dinner never is finished without Caitlin dropping food down her front! :) We take turns making dinner for each other and sometimes we all pitch in and make it a party! We have slowly died down on the making dinners for each other, though it still happens, but 7 time out of 10, most of our blog post will be about our crazy table talk!

Moving on to...

This Halloween (2010) was one to remember! We seemed to have put WAY too much thought into what we were all going to be this year! All four of us started looking for our costumes starting in EARLY September! But boy! it was totally worth it!

Even though Halloween fell on a Sunday (which out here in Utah means you celebrate it on Friday or Saturday...) we ROCKED both Friday and Saturday!
We have our wonderful Connie as an African Princess (RANDOM... I know!) :) And our amazing Caitlin as a very Nice Witch!

Followed closely by the amazingly talented (and slightly creepy) Mime, Kiera! And the Gangster NOT Gangsta (there is a difference!) Jordan!
I think in taking this picture we made sure to fumble around with the camera for a couple of seconds while they had to hold this! But this is normal for Connie and Kiera!

This is our sad :( Mime... awwww

After we partied on Friday, we decided that we needed to go out in our costumes more so that everyone could enjoy our amazing-ness! So after much debate/convincing... we decided to go BOWLING! (Yes! In our costumes!) Sadly I don't have pictures of this happening... But while bowling... Kiera was scared in to almost having a heart attack when this guy (trying to show off) comes up behind her to play around with her being a mime! After some laughing/ trying to figure out what the kid was smoking... we started to play Horse.. but with bowling... Of course I (Jordan) got stuck behind Connie who wanted to make sure she did the craziest bowls EVER! *For those of you who don't understand what Horse is.. its normally played in basketball, where the first person picks how to shoot the ball (in this case bowl the bowling ball).* We had times where bowling balls were flying (almost into the next lane) and for sure making HUGE dents in the lanes.. oops! But towards the end, Kiera almost had another heart attack when the kids comes up to apologize for scaring her the first time but instead just scares her again! So with sore arm, nearly broken fingers and some good memories... we finished off our first Halloween as an apartment!

Next comes...

As SOON as cleaning checks were over we made sure that our Christmas tree and Christmas lights (both of which are STILL up... My fault) were put up! We all LOVE Christmas but Caitlin I think wins the prize! She has even said it herself, that she turns into a 6 year old when it comes to Christmas! But it's why we love her! Anyway... We decided that it would be really fun if we did a Secret Roommate/Santa! So after MANY failed attempts at drawing names from a hat... we had our secret roommate and the shopping began. The limit was 40 dollars and it as time to start making the apartment look more like Christmas with the gifts under the tree! So when the day came closer to when we were opening the presents we couldn't stand to wait another day, so we opened them a day early!

Jordan Had Kiera...


Connie Had Caitlin...

Kiera Had Jordan...

And Caitlin Had Connie!

After our wonder Roommate Christmas, we wanted to go out once last time in 2010 so we took a trip up to Salt Lake City to have dinner and see the lights at Temple Square!

From here we split up and did Christmas and New Year's with family and friends from back home... And once we came back... we got a FISH! Now that we are up to speed! I hope you enjoyed the little peak you got into our past, short though it may be, I hope you will continue to follow our future and our crazy stories! Have a wonderful New Year!

Monday, January 17, 2011

We Got a FISH!!!

Announcing the newest member of our apartment family...Lily Dannnn the Beta! We're technically not aloud to have any "Animals" in our apartment but what the heck! We'll just hide him for cleaning checks :) Hope he likes the dark cupboard!


We Made a Blog!!! There are too many things that go on in this apartment that need to be remembered, so what better way than to blog about them right when they happen?! Sit down, buckle up, and hang on cuz it's gonna be a wild with us four girls. We hope you enjoy our stories as much as we do when they happen! Happy blogging!